SUPPORT Services


Software, Setup, and Installation


As a do-it-yourself yard owner you may be comfortable with technology, BUT you're not an accountant. Mistakes made in the initial setup and selection of your bookkeeping software can impact the accuracy of your data and be difficult and time-consuming to correct. Avoid unnecessary problems and make the smart choice to trust your software setup and selection to us and get it right the first time, so you can be confident that your data is being recorded accurately from the beginning.


First we'll discuss the reporting requirements and accounting needs of your particular yard so we can customize your software appropriately.

Then we'll seamlessly migrate any existing financial data into your new software, set up your chart of accounts, and create invoice templates so you're ready to start working in no time.

Our support services include:

• Help selecting the right software and version

• Installing your software

• Transferring existing financial data into your software

• Setting up your chart of accounts

• Creating templates for invoices

• Creating templates for purchase orders

• Setting up downloads from financial institutions

• Mapping accounts appropriately

• Training for you and your employees

Company Setup, Review and Clean Up


As an experienced bookkeeping firm, we understand that access to reliable financial information is critical to the success of any small business. Small business owners need a clear and consistent picture of their assets and expenses in order to make sound business decisions and manage cash flow.

What if you're behind on entering data into your software and don’t have the time or resources to catch up?

What if you suspect that your numbers are off but can't find the problem?

What if you just want your company file setup so you can maintain it?

We can help you with all of these problems!

We Can:

Fix errors in your QuickBooks data

Repair your Company file

Troubleshoot problems and answer questions

Help you record accurate data throughout the year

Provide training to improve your data entry process

Create handy year-end reports for easier and cheaper tax preparation

Setup New Company  $395

Setup Existing Company  $495

Setup Existing Company with Inventory $595 

Minor Company Clean up  $295

Moderate Company Clean up  $495

Major Company Clean up  $695



Are you ready to start but aren't quite sure where to begin? Don't waste your time struggling with confusing help menus and lengthy online tutorials when We can deliver targeted training classes.

Our approach is to identify which features will bring the most benefit to you and then develop a customized training program to teach you or your employees how to use those key functions. This usually includes a combination of basics in conjunction with handy tips and tricks that save time and maximize productivity.

We offer the convenience of conducting these training sessions online so you and your staff can learn in a comfortable environment.

We provide personalized training that allows you to develop a solid working knowledge in a short amount of time because we focus on the features that are essential to running your business.

We provide basic training for those who are just starting out and additional training for those who want to advance their skills. Our technique is cost-effective and we’re ready to get started right away.

Our Training includes:

• Customized training for you and your employees

• Personalized training at your own pace

• Specialized training for your bookkeeper


What you'll learn:

• Accounting basics and principles

• Entering daily transactions

• How to create quarterly and year end reports

• How to utilize lists

• How to streamline the data entry process

• Tips and tricks to save time and boost productivity

Support Services


Searching through online forums is not the easiest or most efficient way to solve a problem. This method often leads to frustration and lost time with no solution. When you need fast answers, We are your best resource for support. We're always ready to answer questions and unravel dilemmas when you're stuck on an unexpected issue. We offer responsive and dependable service by phone, email, or Online by sharing our screen with you to solve the problem and get you back to work as soon as possible. At your request, we can also review your file at regular intervals throughout the year to clean up any errors and ensure the accuracy of your data.

Our support services includes:

• Answering questions by email, phone or online.

• Guidance and support for your in-house bookkeeper

• Troubleshooting problems and providing solutions

• Assistance to fix errors in your data

• Routine reviews of your data file

• Training

• Assistance with upgrades as your business grows